introducing bee kerns


a ~map~ of my life

Hi, everyone! I’m Bee. I’m 18 years old and I’m American but I’m living in Germany with my family.

I studied in the MYP, then moved on to the IB and I graduated in May, 2016. I took:

HL: English A language and literature, geography, visual arts

SL: biology, german ab initio, math

my gap year

After the IB, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to study, and what I wanted to do in life, so decided to take a gap year! I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to be a teacher for either Art, English, or Geography, so I decided to work on:

Study guides for the ib
I am making study guides for the ib subjects that I took. I decided to do this because I thought it would really help me figure out what I like studying and spending time on outside of school, when it’s not for a grade (and it has). They have also helped me improve my communication skills, and keep my knowledge of these subjects updated!

My art portfolio
Since I might want to be an art teacher, I need to work on my portfolio and improve my skills. I’ve been sort of relearning art, starting at the basics with anatomy, perspective, etc., which I never really did in school. It’s been hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun!

My german
Both of my parents are American and I grew up in America, so the only language that I can really converse in comfortably is English. I studied Dutch and Spanish in school, but coming to Germany is when I actually got to practice it in real situations, so I decided I want to improve my German to a native speaker level (an eventual goal, I’m only at B1 right now!).

I wanted to do tutoring for two reasons; to save up money for university, and obviously it would help a lot to gain real-life experience for teaching.

Random little odd-jobs
This is really just to help pay for university. I’m starting in Maastricht in September, and I have to pay international fees which are not cheap! I wanted to spend my free time this year saving up as much as possible.

my study guides

I make study guides for the ib! So far, I have some for art, biology, and geography, and I plan to continue to add to them!

At the moment, I have finished:

  • study guides for all the geography core topics
  • study guides for all the biology core topics
  • a syllabus overview for visual arts with examples of good works
  • a presentation on the artist elements and principles

And I’m currently working on:

  • a study guide for biology option d (human physiology)
  • study guides for geography chapter 7.2 changing space: the shrinking world
  • a presentation on a brief history of art (this will take a long time; it’s brief, but there is still a lot of history, as I’m starting at the beginning of the art records. I’m going into a lot of detail, because this is actually helping me just as much because I want to study fine arts!)
  • a presentation briefly going through the math sl studies syllabus (it won’t be to the extent that geography and biology are, because I didn’t understand math that well but I will be providing links for every topic to sites that helped me a lot)

my posts

I plan on posting regularly (twice a week) on a couple of topics:

  • Lifestyle : recipes, college life, ib life, etc.
  • Studying : tips and tricks, advice, etc.

I started this blog to help students of the IB, university, and generally any other students. I’ve been part of the studyblr community for a while, and using my blog to show my study guides, but I decided to make the switch to a real blog, because I wanted to focus more on my content that really helps people, and to be able to do this in more depth.

my goals

My short term goals (within six months) are to:

  • have 20 unique visitors per day
  • start a sponsorship
  • finish study guides for geography, art, and biology
  • start an email newsletter
  • post five times a day on pinterest
  • join a network
  • start a twitter

My long term goals are to:

  • publish an e-book
  • finish all guides for
    • all geography topics
    • all biology topics
    • english
    • math
    • subjects I didn’t take in the IB
  • build sponsorships with IB schools

I’d also love to hear from everyone! You can get in touch with me through:

  • email: if you have a more personal or longer question, feel free to email me! I always try to reply to my emails as soon as I can.
  • comments: please, start a discussion in the comments! I really like to hear everyone’s opinions, and if you have any suggestions of any kind for me, don’t hesitate
  • tumblr: i regularly check my tumblr, so if you want you can head on over and send me an ask or a message. I love getting messages, so I’ll respond to those pretty quickly