how to stop procrastinating

If i start procrastinating, it's an endless cycle; I'm working on one assignment the day before it's due, then the next day it's the same thing. Breaking the cycle is so hard, but it is possible! Here are some things that helped me stop procrastinating, and boosted my motivation.

tips and tricks

just study five minutes

It’s better than nothing, and going into it knowing you only have to do five minutes rather than an hour, you’ll feel a lot more motivated. Plus, whenever I do this, I usually end up feeling like studying more anyway, and end up doing half an hour; still less than an hour, but I feel better about it because I only set out to do five minutes.


These had never worked for me, and I recently realized why: why would I reward myself with watching my favorite tv show when I already am, and I could just keep watching instead of studying? I now promise myself more rewards like baking my favorite cake, taking a bath; things I am not usually doing, but are still fun and relaxing after working.

take lots of breaks

When I am procrastinating, usually my attention span is really low. Sometimes, my breaks end up being after every fifteen minutes of study, but I still get a lot done because I come back refreshed! Try the pomodoro technique: 25 minutes of study, then a five minute break. After four consecutive periods of study, take a 15-20 minute break. This is the 'official' pomodoro time, but you can adjust it to whatever suits you best. Personally, I work best in 45-60 minute blocks followed by 15 minute breaks.

stop multitasking

i know you think you can do it, but there is so much evidence against it. productivity levels just go down when you try to do more than one task. (instead of watching tv shows, use ambientmixer or listen to study playlists)

remember to eat

Not eating enough actually leads to fatigue and poor concentration! Make sure you get enough food and the right food. I usually have some trail mix or apple slices on my desk (or some sweets if i really need it that day) when I'm studying. These 'Brain foods' are just some examples of foods that help you focus through better concentration, helps with your memory, etc. There's a list on livestrong and buzzfeed

set up your materials the day before

Having your materials all ready to go makes it easier and less painful to start studying because you can just sit down and start writing. The worst part of procrastination is just starting. Having everything all ready eliminates the little period of dread when you're getting ready to study.

plan for too much time

this one is a huge motivator for me. Basically, if I have 20 tasks to do one day, and I plan to do 13, but only end up doing 10, I’m going to feel really bad about myself. But if the next day I plan to only do 7, and end up doing 10, I’ve done the same amount of work but I feel better about it. Whenever I’m making a study schedule, I give myself a huge amount of leeway. Usually I end up finishing around 2 hours before my schedule says, and if something pops up that I can’t avoid, I’ll still be on schedule.

train your brain

Have one area that is your 'study area'. It could be the kitchen counter, your desk, wherever, just make sure that you only study in this area, and you'll only be in this area when studying. The goal is basically to train your brain to associate this area with studying, so when you sit down at this area you feel compelled to study. Create a schedule based on the pomodoro method. In your study time, do not leave the desk for anything, and if your mind starts to wander, let it, but don't use social media or anything; either study, or stare into space. Eventually, just sitting and daydreaming becomes so boring that you start studying. (This didn't work for me at first- it takes a while. Don't get frustrated if it doesn't work the first couple times, but remember that you do need to be strict with yourself for this one) remember you’re not a robot you can only do so much in a day, and you definitely need time for yourself. Plan in breaks, have a self care day, read your favorite book when you’re done. Do whatever you need to wind down, just try to get in a mindset that is isn't the end of the world if you didn't study, just try again next time.

remember you're not a robot

you can only do so much in a day, and you definitely need time for yourself. Plan in breaks, have a self care day, read your favorite book when you’re done. Do whatever you need to wind down, just try to get in a mindset that is isn't the end of the world if you didn't study, just try again next time.

apps, websites, and extensions

noisli creates a mix of sounds to help you focus. You can choose 'random', 'productivity', or 'relax' and noisli selects a mix of sounds for you- a thunderstorm, rain, wind, a cafe.
writeordie is a bit more severe than the others. You choose the time period and word goal that you need to reach, and if you don't finish in time you get either some kind of consequence. You can also choose 'reward' or 'stimulus' mode if you work better like that.
donothingfor2minutes is a website that asks you to sit and do nothing but listening to the waves for two minutes without touching your mouse or keyboard. The aim is to relax you from your schedule to come back to your work with a calmer mind. has more of these little meditations!
coffitivity is similar to noisli- you can choose different ambient sounds from cafes, which really helps if you prefer to work around people.
stayfocused is an extension that stops you from visiting certain websites when you need to study. It also has a great 'require challenge' feature that blocks all of your settings until you finish your task. chrome firefox alternative safari alternative
Forest is also very cute; you work in 30 minute blocks and as you work, your tree grows. When you visit your blacklisted websites, it withers. Available for
chrome and firefox
momentum replaces your new table page with a personal dashboard. You can put in your to do list, have a daily focus, and shows an inspiring quote every day. You can also customize your widgets, see the weather, and some other cool features! tabforacause also replaces your homescreen with a new tab; it's not specifically made for productivity, but it has a lot of widgets: stickynotes, a search bar, news, bookmarks, etc. It's an extension that tracks how many tabs you open, and every time you do, you get a heart. Then you donate these hearts to a charity of your choice! I use this one rather than momentum, and I would really reccomend it. it's available for chrome and firefox