What’s in my bag?

hi everyone! Since i just started this blog, i thought a nice way to introduce myself a bit more would be a 'what's in my bag' post! I just love these posts because i'm super curious about people, plus i just like seeing what different types of people carry around on a regular basis 

so i got a yellow kånken for christmas, and i love it. it's so cheery! (though mine is pretty dirty, does anyone have any tips on cleaning these things?) it's the perfect size to fit my ipad. i also really love the side pockets that can hold a water bottle or umbrella.

front and side pockets

  • gum
  • lip balm - i just use a Labello lip butter at the moment
  • perfume - i always carry around the little samples they give with every purchase at Douglas. right now, i'm using 'love story' from Chloe. it's definitely the one i use the most. i just love perfumes that smell so fresh!
  • hand cream - right now i'm using a linen-scented hand cream from hema, but it works really well (and smells so good)
  • headphones - it takes around one hour for one way to get to work, so i would die without my music and ladies who lunch.
  • phone - (well, this one's usually in my pocket)
  • keys - (these are actually rarely in my bag- they're around my neck or on the hook at home. i am really terrible at keeping track of my keys!)
  • water bottle - gotta stay hydrated!
  • umbrella - the weather here is pretty unpredictable, so you never know!
main pocket
  • ipad/computer - usually when i'm going out, it's to go to work or work on my study guides at a café so i always have one these with me. mainly it's my ipad because i can also work on my art if i want, and it's a lot lighter than my laptop.
  • bullet journal - i would be lost without this thing. all of my agenda stuff is in there, as well as my notes for my blog, study guides, to do lists, grocery lists, future plans, you name it. it's all just shoved in there.
  • pencil case - i always have my apple pencil in case i do decide to work on my art, my ruler, tape, and some faber castel brush pens
  • wallet - my wallet was a present from my best friend and i love it! It's a really nice size because I can fit all my cards in, but it's not so huge that it won't fit in my pocket. Plus, it has foxes on the front- my favorite animal
  • tissues - even when i don't need them, there's always someone on the bus or one of my friends sniffling. just a good thing to have.
  • charger - (ahhh forgot to take a picture of it, but it's just a regular apple charger) my phone and ipad use the same charger and one of them is always running out of battery so this is definitely an essential for me

 ✩  ✩  ✩  ✩  ✩

sorry for the huge gap in posts, the past two weeks have been super busy for me! i have got a ton of posts that are nearly finished and ready to be put up though, so look out for those. also, just check regularly because i'll be posting on a regular basis now!!

Happy Monday!

🐝 Bee 🐝