Self Care

Self care is really important for everyone, but it doesn't always mean taking a bath and reading a book. Self care means something different based on what you need. That could actually be taking a bath and reading a book, or it could be taking a walk outside or meditating. The important thing is to take some time away from your daily activities and stress and focus on yourself

I've come up with a list of self care ideas and they're all separated by categories so you can think about what you need and pick from that! some of these, like a homemade spa are routines that I do, and some of them like "create something" are just lists. So, enjoy!



some ideas

  • take a bath
  • wear a face mask
  • treat your nails
  • read a book or magazine

  • clean your home
  • take a long shower
  • organize an area
  • take a shower and really wash everything
  • your face cleansing routine + a face mask
  • floss your teeth
  • brush your hair
  • change your sheets and pillow cases
  • drink some green/detox tea
  • eat some fruits or veggies

  • exercise/take a long walk outside
  • meditate/mindfulness
  • go stargazing
  • go cloud watching
  • read/watch/play your favorite book/movie/tv show/game
  • take a nap
  • check something small off your to-do list

  • learn something that's not in school
  • read a non fiction book
  • watch a ted talk
  • learn a new song/instrument
  • learn a new language on duolingo
  • explore on coursera

  • bake something
  • cook your favorite meal
  • draw something
  • paint a picture
  • make a cute little craft
  • do a d.i.y.
  • make a new piece of clothing
  • embroider
  • build a small garden
  • start a journal
  • write a story
  • write a poem
  • write a song

  • dinner with friends
  • play with pets
  • animal shelter
  • bard game/card game



 my self care routine

My sundays are self care days. I try to do this every week because it really helps me settle down and feel like my weekend was a fun one without being too exhausting. This really helps me be in a better mindset to start working on monday! It usually goes like this:


  1. i take a bath and listen to relaxing music:


  1. i do my chores- i vacuum, clean my bathroom, tidy any of my things, and deep clean my room
  2. i really like to have healthy snacks handy throughout the week so that i'm not tempted to just eat a candy bar or some chips, so i'll cut up some vegetables for monday and tuesday and make some long lasting snacks (like granola bars) for the rest of the week
  3. time to walk the dogs! it's usually around 11 now, so it's time for their longer walk, which also relaxes me✩
  4. love sitting on the couch and playing animal crossing on a sunday afternoon, and i'll usually have my lunch at the same time
  5. now is when i'll start planning out my week (just setting up my bullet journal for the week and setting reminders for deadlines and appointments) and i'll have one of my favorite shows or movies playing at the same time!

It doesn't always go like this. Sometimes I don't take a bath or prepare my snacks, but I've learned to not stress out if it doesn't go exactly as planned. I still end up having a nice afternoon and feel refreshed and ready to start my week!