how i study

with school starting again, i know a lot of people are having a hard time getting back into a study routine. I just started university, and i was determined to keep my regular study schedule that i had in high school. obviously, there are variations, but i wanted to share what my study routine looks like!
when i study, it is heavily based on my learning styles:

i just find it easier to spend a little extra time figuring out how to incorporate my different learning styles into my studies than to try to force a style that doesn't work for me. i generally retain information better when it's in a visual format than written out in long paragraphs.



  1. rewrite notes neater and add material based on text books and other resources

this is often how my desk would look: my computer was used for looking up articles and written forms of information, i used my ipad for videos explaining concepts and case studies, and I had my textbook and materials my teacher gave me spread out on my desk, all to gather information for my study guides. this may not work for everyone, but i like to have information from lots of different sources before i can form my own words and put it on my notes.

  1. add new terms and concepts to flashcard collection

for each subject, i have a collection of flashcards for both new terms and other concepts, like a formula for biology or a chart for geography. flashcards help me a lot because i’m a very visual and somewhat kinesthetic learner.

  1. watch youtube videos/read up on concepts i don't understand

watching youtube videos really helped me for concepts i couldn't understand by myself, because channels like khan academy or ted ed really explain everything in detail without skipping any steps.

for exams

  1. have a look at the syllabus

before i start really studying for an exam, i like to have another look at the syllabus, to make sure that i have all of the main points on my study guides. if i don't, i'll write them down so they can go on my next study guide.

  1. gather resources // youtube, textbooks, wiki

time to gather all the materials needed again for a basic study guide of the topic! i use anything from youtube videos to the textbook to online articles.

i go through each main point from the syllabus and create a more compact study guide based on that. these are usually just one or two one-sided pages.

  1. answer practice questions

writing practice exams is important for me because i have a hard time phrasing what i want to say in an academic sense. having the knowledge about a subject is great, but it's useless if you can't phrase it properly or use it in the right context. i also like to time myself to make sure i'm on track if it were a real exam. you can find past papers or practice questions for just about any subject if you look it up, and for the ib, there are often reddit posts that link you to all of the past papers!

  1. make flashcards for practice questions

after i've finished some practice exams, i like to make my answers into flashcards for a quick review on both the topic and answering exam-type questions.

-----before exam-----

before an exam, i just have two steps:

  1. review my study guide and flashcards
  2. discuss the topic with my friends from class

a day or two before the exams, i'll skim over my study guide again to make sure everything is still fresh in my brain, and then test myself on all my flashcards. then i like to talk with my friends from the class about the topic- just a light discussion on the material for a bit of extra revision. i’m not an extremely linguistic learner, but i find that doing a couple of small things to incorporate some other learning styles helps!