moving in / room tour


i'm finally starting university! after my gap year, i'm glad to be going back to a real schedule. i'm living in maastricht, and i thought i would share my room with you guys! i found a student room in a house with 16 other students on the top floor.

// 18.08.2017 // moving day
moving day! my parents drove down to maastricht with me to help set up my room and life here. the gps took us the wrong way, so we ended up going down a lot of small roads and backtracking a ton.

// 19.08.2017 // a day in the city
on saturday we did some errands in the city! maastricht is such a cute town, so we wandered from store to store in the center and got to know the city a little better.

// 20.08.2017 // goodbye for now
after a quick breakfast (and a visit to the tongeren flea market), my parents packed everything up and headed back home.

i spent the rest of the day cleaning up and organizing my room. 

my room

I'm really excited about my room, it's pretty spacious and has lots of natural lighting.
right next to the door is my desk area. i like to keep it somewhat minimal because having too much clutter before i even start studying makes me anxious. the drawers that also came with the room really come in handy because they have a lot of space! it also helps that i take my notes digitally, so i don't have a lot of papers floating around. right above my desk is a framed print of disney's tinker bell concept art that i got from my grandma when i was little. peter pan has always been one of my disney favorites, and this was just a cute addition to my work space.

the wardrobe was also a piece that came with the room, and i'm glad it did- it's huge! on the doors, i started putting up the polaroid's i've taken on one side and post cards of art that inspires me on the other.

inside, i dedicated about two thirds of the space to my clothes and the rest to general storage. I also got some extra shelves for some kitchen supplies and my toiletries.

the ladder on the right goes up to my loft. i had originally planned on using this as my sleeping area, and it's still set up so that i can sleep there if i want to, but there is very little ventilation so it gets very stuffy. For now, i've been sleeping on the floor- the little chair i have to the left lays out to make a little mattress, so i lay that out every night.

There was also a chair (on the right) and lamp that came with the room. i have my books and movies windowsill, and i have a few plants out of the picture by the windows.

i'm really loving my room so far, though i would like to have more plants! i have some very nice housemates and a great view of a lake house right next to us. if you'd like to know where i got anything, just let me know!