background study sounds

Especially for aural learners, studying with music or some kind of background noise is essential, but you're kind of walking a fine line between helping you study and distracting you. Personally, I like really like to study in a cafe because of the background noise, or some instrumental music. Here is a list of websites to help you concentrate!


of course spotify has to be on the list. there are a lot of great study playlists out there, as well as some nice classical music, jazz, and movie soundtracks. here are some of my favorites:

i would also recommend listening to instrumental soundtracks from your favorite movies! here is moana, harry potter, interstellar, beauty and the beast, and la la land !

ambient mixer 

i can't say how much i love this site! it's basically a place where you can find different ambient mixes that people have made by taking different sounds and combining them. my go-tos are:



youtube also has a lot of great music and atmospheres that might not be on spotify or ambient mixer. some of my favorites on youtube are:


noisli is a website that lets you mix different sounds for what ever kind of atmosphere you feel like. some of my favorite combinations are:


coffitivity is a website that has different cafe noises. there are three that aren't premium: morning murmur, lunchtime lounge, and university undertones. with premium (9 dollars) you get three more: paris paradise, brasil bistro, and texas teahouse. though if you are looking for those, you can find similar mixes on ambient mixer for free.

happy studying! if you have any other websites or apps, let me know in the comments!