morning & night routine

My daily routine doesn’t always look like this. Sometimes, I’m lazy and wake up an hour later, or I’m stuck watching a really show and end up falling asleep at 11. But these are the routines that, when I do them, make me really relaxed and ready for the day/night!

morning routine
6.30// I get up early because I really like starting the day early, I feel like I have so much more time! I do have a hard time getting up lately though, and I am an incredibly heavy sleeper, so my alarms go off from around 6:00 to 6:45. I also use the SleepCycle alarm app, which monitors my sleep and wakes me up when I’m in a light sleep, which really helps! if i end up waking up earlier, i'll use the extra time for a longer breakfast or building up my tumblr queue.
6.45// I've finally gotten up the courage to leave my blankets behind and take a shower, wash my face, get dressed, take my meds, and basically freshen up.
7.10// Time to walk the dogs! It's really nice most days because it's very quiet at this time in the morning so I can have a nice stroll with them. But on days that I wake up a bit later, there's people going to work, kids going to school, other people walking their dogs, and so many distractions that Piper (the younger one) gets a bit crazy and our walk is cut short before she makes too much noise.
(now that i've moved out and have no dogs, i obviously skip this step- everything else is moved up 15 minutes)
7.25// ~breakfast time~ my favorite part of my mornings ! I always try to get in some protein, so I'll have a smoothie with chia seeds, an egg, or some chickpeas. I have also been loving this vanilla green tea that I have every morning, it's sooo good! If I have nothing planned for that day, I'll have a bigger breakfast with some bread, eggs, and a fruit (I get nauseous if I eat too much in the mornings so I have to eat a breakfast this big reeeeallly slowly). Usually when I'm eating I'll catch up on my youtube subscriptions
7.30// Time to start the day; like I said, I really enjoy starting my day earlier so I can end earlier! If I have no plans that day, I'll stick to my regular daily routine, but If I need to go to work, I'll do my own things for about an hour then leave for work.
Evening routine
6.00// Usually by now my family starts getting hungry so I'll start making dinner, where we eat together in front of the TV (the American dream). TV time is our family's bonding time, and we'll spend it catching up on our shows or rewatching shows and movie's we've already seen.
7.45// By now I've probably had my fill of whatever we were watching so I'll start my bedtime routine: I'll change, wash my face, brush my teeth, make some tea and get into bed.
8.00// I always read before bed because it helps me fall asleep faster, and I always choose one that I can't put down (I think i've re-read Harry Potter around 5 times and it doesn't get any less exciting for me) because this is my 'fun' reading time. Right now, I’m reading Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton (and loving it).
9.30-10.00// depending on my interest in the book, I'll go to sleep between 9.30 and 10. Before I actually go to sleep though, I always try to take a moment to reflect on my day and think of at least three things that I was really thankful for or glad that happened (this was a tip from one of Thomas Sander's youtube videos, and I just thought it was the cutest, and it really has helped me appreciate what I have a lot more!)