September favorites

i've been thinking about doing a monthly favorites series for a while, and i finally got on it! i really love watching other bloggers' and youtubers' favorites, so i thought i would jump on the bandwagon. plus, it's just an excuse for me to doodle some of my favorite things. so without further adieu, here are my september favorites!

  1. my backpack - i have the kånken yellow medium bag, and i absolutely love it. it has a separate space for a laptop, and since it's a rectangle it's really easy to keep everything inside organized.
  2. muji notebook - i'm finally getting back in the swing of things and started bullet journaling again. for all of my other journals, i was using the leuchtturm1987 dotted notebook, and it's very nice, but i couldn't afford it this time. when i was at muji, i saw that they had a dotted spiral notebook and i wasn't sure i would like it as much as the leuchtturm, but i ended up loving it even more! it's very simple, and i like that i can fold it over. plus, it was only 5€ compared to the 20€ that leuchtturm notebooks cost! 
  3. oat bites - if i know i'm going to have a quick morning, i'll make a batch of these and it's basically like eating oatmeal in a ball. you can have so many different combinations! my favorite is the peanut butter bites with a chunk of apple in the middle.
  4. bbc's in our time podcast - this has been really helpful for my philosophy class because they talk about certain aspects of famous books or philosophical theories and bring in experts to discuss them. if i don't fully get an assignment, i'll listen to bbc's podcast on it and it (usually) helps me understand it a lot better.
  5. evernote - until i buy a note-taking app, evernote is really great for a free alternative. it has a pretty good sketch option which is essential for me
  6. chai green tea - this is so. good. i bought a pack for myself to drink as a treat (it's a bit more expensive than the big packs of regular green tea), and i have been so scared to drink it because i don't want to waste it.
  7. my bike - i'm loving being back in the netherlands, especially the biking culture! one of my favorite things in the morning is to see everyone biking to work or school.
  8. the body shop's tea tree oil foaming cleanser - this cleanser helps me so much through my breakout periods, and it lasts so long! honestly, i would recommend anything from the body shop's tea tree oil line- may or may not be obsessed.
  9. v for vendetta - finally got around to reading this, and i wish i would have started sooner. the novel is so much better than the movie (though it's still very good). i won't spoil anything- if you haven't read it yet, i would definitely recommend it!