making goals and sticking to them

everyone has goals. but actually following through on them? that’s the hard part. whether it be exercising regularly, starting a new hobby, or traveling to a new place, we fall back into what is comfortable. when i create goals, i follow three steps. when i do all three steps properly, i find that i achieve my goal faster, or more completely!

step 1: decide on a goal

when i create a goal, i really have to sit with myself and ask some questions:

→ how do i want to improve myself?

→ where do i see myself in 5 years (relating to this subject)?

→ what 3 things do i value most right now?

→ what would i do if i had only 1 year to live?

→ what am i willing to do to achieve my goal?

step 2: s.m.a.r.t. goals

this is where smart goals come into play!

smart goals are

this can help you focus on something that’s more clearly written down on paper, and more easily achieved because you know exactly what it is that you’re achieving.

let's use 'eat healthier' as an example, since this is a really popular goal. but 'eat healthier' isn't something you can achive, because there are no perameters; achieving that could be anywhere from just cutting out your evening hot chocolate to eating 7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. here's how i would make it a smart goal:

step 3: create a plan

this step is really important for me because if i don’t have a plan, i feel like i’m grasping at straws.

now, create a plan! Go step-by-step and break it down into doable tasks. If your goal was to eat heather, your plan might look like this:

  1. come up with a list of healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  2. create a meal plan template & fill it in for the next week
  3. get rid of all sweets in the house
  4. prepare some healthy snacks that will stay good for a while (granola bars, muffins)

maintaining your goals

having your goal written down and a plan to help you get there is really ehlpful because it gives you a template, but still finding motivation can be tough. here are just a couple more tips on sticking to your goals:

find an app

if you can find an app or website that tracks your progress or reminds you to work on your goal, that's perfect! some examples:


a project tracker that allows you to set reminders, work with a team, and see all your projects on a dashboard

tracks your exercise and reminds you to move!

an easy and visual money tracking app

keep a journal

if you can't find an app for your goal, or just prefer to write down your progress physically, a journal is a great way to track your progress!

share your goals

telling a friend about your goal can be a great motivator; they can check in to see how you're doing, or give you words of encouragement. in some cases, they can join you and you can complete your goal together!