my gap year: daily routine

my gap year has changed around a lot, but for the most part, i’m working at home. as i said in my 'why i took a gap year' post, i’ve been working on a couple of things —

  • my website: this is what I work on most of the time; writing posts, editing my pages, working on my study guided
  • my art: i want to be an art teacher, or at the least continue as a freelance artist. either way, i plan to study fine arts after arts and culture. so I've been building up my portfolio and working on my practical skills.
  • german: this is just kind of a side thing- i’d like my german to eventually be at a C1 level, so i work at it every day (or try to)
  • working: i've been working in the library at my school while the librarian is on a break, tutoring, babysitting and basically just doing odd-jobs to save up money for university

what i work on varies from day to day, but my ‘workday’ usually starts around 7:30 to 8:00 and ends around 4:00 to 5:00.

06.30// get up, walk the dogs, and get ready for the day. i actually have a morning (and evening) routine post here !

07.30// start working on either my art, formatting my website, or my study guides. usually i’ll work at the kitchen table or my desk with some tea, a snack, and some soft music


10.00// time for my first break. i’ll refill my tea, then usually scroll through social media or take a short walk.

10.20// back to it; if I had been working on my art, i’ll usually switch to working on my study guides or website formatting now. sometimes, i feel like a change of scenery so i’ll go to a local cafe and work there.

11.30// time for another break. i’ll walk the dogs, then come back and scroll through tumblr or start lunch if I'm making something that takes a while. if i was at the cafe, I'd be back right about now; their wifi is only available for one hour, and it's just a five minute walk from home!

12.00// same thing again. if I find i’ve become bored with the study guide topic I had been doing, i’ll switch to a different topic and work on that, or start working on page formatting. i always want to keep busy, and some days my concentration is better than others, so i stay flexible because i have plenty of things i can work on.

1.00// time for lunch! my lunch is always the biggest meal and i really enjoy cooking to take a break from my work. usually, my mom's home so i’ll cook for the two of us.

2.00// same deal. i choose from my list of tasks what looks fun at that moment and get to work!

3.00// if i need to tutor that day, it's usually scheduled for 4.00 so i’ll start getting ready to head over now.

4.00-5.00// i’ll usually end the day around here and start my evening routine, depending on my motivation levels and if my breaks ended up longer than usual.