October Favorites

  1. scarves - Autumn is here! It’s by far my favorite season- I love the changing colors, the cozy blankets, the decorations. And scarves. One of my favorite things about leaving the house is bundling up with a super soft scarf!
  2. instagram stories - I really love looking at instagram stories, especially StudyGrams- they always have such beautiful notes and their stories are so creative! I watch my stories every morning and it always pumps me up for a day of work
  3. locally produced honey - I love bees. They are so cute and I'm very passionate about saving the bees. After some research, I found that buying commercial honey can actually be harmful to bees, and that locally produced honey is much better; you're supporting a local business, for one, and the bees get much better treatment. Personally, I don't taste a difference since it just goes in my oatmeal and recipes. But spending a bit extra to help the bees is worth it!
  4. reading blogs - I've really gotten back into reading blogs (college bloggers, especially). One of my favorite Sunday evening activities is to sit with a cup of tea and catching up on some of my favorite blogs!
  5. silicon 'ziplocks' - These are so cool. I found them on amazon while looking for some reusable bags to store in the fridge, because as I eat on whatever's in my Tupperware, it stays the same size and takes up a lot of room. These are basically reusable ziplock bags that are super easy to wash and can store quite a bit.
  6. rooibos peach tea - This tea tastes delicious and a perfect addition to any cozy autumn afternoon!