about me

I’m Bee, and welcome to my blog! I am American and grew up in Iowa, then moved to the Netherlands when I was 12. At 16 my family moved to Germany, where I graduated the IB. Now, I’m back in the Netherlands, which I consider my home. I lived in the Hague for three years, where everyone speaks English, so my Dutch is at a very basic level. I am on the line of intermediate and beginner in my German, which will hopefully continue to improve.

fun facts!
  • Before coming to university, I had never lived without a dog before, and I have every intention of adopting one as soon as I can afford it.
  • My full name is Abegael (yes, it’s not misspelled- it’s Irish, because my dad family is Irish)
  • I am in the middle of two brothers, who I miss very much
  • I am absolutely fascinated by ancient history
  • I am a Hufflepuff!
the blog

I started beekerns.com during my gap year (2016-2017). I had decided I want to become a teacher, and started working on my study guides for some IB subjects (currently: art, biology, and geography), posting them on tumblr. Towards the end of my year off, I felt that I wanted to help people more, as well as develop a new creative outlet, and started working on a real blog. I want to share my experiences on topics such as studying, college, the IB, traveling, and lifestyle overall. So far it’s been just peachy!


If you’re looking for specific advice or have any questions, you can reach me through my email, in the comments, or on any of my social media!
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