geography syllabus

all of my guides are available on google drive so you can see them better or download them for mobile 🙂

patterns and change — 70 hours HL

populations in transition
disparities in wealth and development
patterns in environmental quality and sustainability
patterns in resource consumption

optional topics — 60 hours SL/90 hours HL

freshwater—issues and conflicts
oceans and their costal margins
extreme environments
hazards and disasters—risk assessment and response
leisure, sport, and tourism
the geography of food and health
urban environments

global interactions — 60 hours HL

measuring global interactions
changing space—the shrinking world
economic interactions and flows
environmental change
sociocultural exchanges
political outcomes
global interactions at the local level

i’m still working on my guides for global interactions. they should be out soon!

internal assessment — 20 hours

a 2500 word research paper based on one of the topics in the syllabus